Your Pet is your Family and a greatest treasure in your life. You know everything about him, where he hid the bone and what he does when you leave. Are you sure? 

  Imagine secret life of your Pet. He is a Royal King and rules the Dog’s World. Or he is a Greatest General, who conquered France with his Mouse guard and got the best Roquefort cheese. Maybe he is an Admiral of Cat’s Navy who owns all fish in the ocean. All this stories are mystery, Royal and fun in the same time. And this is a secret of The Royal Pet Pawtrait. The Secret of your Pet, which you shall know with help of our incredibly talented artists. 

  A real Masterpiece will hang on your wall. 10,000% satisfaction guarantee from Royal Pets and their owners! You will get a lot fun from reaction of everyone who sees it, including yours, and a few things of truly Royal quality: 

  - One of a kind Royal Pet Pawtrait 

  - Using favorite toys, to show the individual character of your Royal Pet 

  - Sturdy canvas hand crafted with hard wood frames (patented, warp-resistant construction) 

  - RGB printing provides deep colorful oil painting effect, Royal quality inks, no fading 

  - SUPPORT for 1 year (20% discount on Pawtraits with the same photo) 

  - Ready to hang 

  - It looks like real oil canvas but better because it does not require special storage conditions. 

  Royal Pet Pawtrait keeps the story of your Pet's secret life. As Pets say «My Pawsome Royal Pawtrait art will last Furever!»