About Us

Royal Pet Pawtrait is fun and regal at the same time. Ordering the Portrait of your pet you get not only a piece of Art but unforgettable emotions. We give you the opportunity to see your pet in a special majestic image and I assure you that you will be impress.

We are inspired by the Renaissance art style to create our gallery. The basis of our ideas is the images of kings, princesses, nobles, military of 14-16 centuries. Our artists and designers are true professionals who know about Renaissance painting all they need to create a masterpiece for you.

Every portrait is unique because we show the personal character of your pet by portraying him with his favorite toys. Every portrait is special for us and your emotions are the reason we do this.

I have two dogs Bubble and Rich, cat Martini and goose Chiko and I love them all my heart. Be sure I know how to make you happy, just upload photo of your pet on our website and get your custom Renaissance Masterpiece.