How It Works


  -Choose your outfit for future masterpiece in our gallery. We have options for male and female pets and multi-pet options.
  -Upload your pet photo. Upload a photo of front paws of the pet if you want him to hold requisite in his paws. If you want to portray a pet with a toy then upload a photo of the toy. Make sure your photo follows our Photo guidelines listed below.
  - Choose size of canvas.
  - Add to cart and place your order.


  - Our best artists and design experts create art for you and your pet.
  - We print your one of a kind art masterpiece on hight quality canvas.
  - Finished artwork go through an artwork quality check and product quality check that ensure you receive the highest quality artwork.


  - We carefully package your order and ship it to your doorstep.
  - You receive your parcel tracking number as soon as it's available.

PHOTO GUIDELINES. Tips to help you get a great photo.

  - Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet.
  - Take a photo of toy from above, so we can see it completely (if you want to get Pawrtrait with toy).
  - Take a photo of pet's paws at eye level with pet's paws.
  - Close up photos work the best, so we can see their unique facial features.
  - It works best if your pet looking away from the camera.
  - Make sure your pet's entire head is in picture (no ears are out of frame)
  - The best photos are taken in well lit or natural light settings. Try to avoid bad lighting.
  - Use color photo to place an order.
  - Make sure the photo is not too blurry.

If you chose the Pawrtrait option with a toy or our thing but didn't send us a photo of the pet’s paws, then we will draw paws in color of your pet. If you have chosen the Pawrtrait option with our item, but haven’t indicated it, we will choose it at our discretion.

If the costume you have chosen has its own hat or crown and you want to use it in a Pawtrait, then we need a photo of pet without any headdress, otherwise, Pawrtrait will include headdress as on photo you provided us. If your chosen suit has a high collar, the pet's collar may not be visible. If the collar is partially visible and it looks bad on Pawtrait according to our artists, then we reserve the opportunity to remove the collar. If this is really important for you, please let us know when placing an order and our artist will not adjust your pet’s collar.

Please note that if we receive a photo that doesn't follow our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final artwork will looks like as you want it. It's your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the photo you provide. Low quality photos will result in a low spec design.

We conduct a photo check for every order. But it will be best if you previously check yourself and make sure that your photo is the best photo you have and it’s matches our Photo guidelines.

Please note that if we do need a new photo from you, this may slow your order down by a few days due to the extra steps necessary.